RCF - TTP 5A Active Line Array

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The TTP5-A 15" 2-Way Point Source Array Speaker from RCF is a high power, bi-amped, active array speaker module engineered to deliver high fidelity output for use in indoor and outdoor medium and large spaces. The 15" neo woofer is outfitted with a 4" voice coil, as is its 2" titanium dome neo c.tweeter driver. The system is designed to create horizontal or vertical arrays with a constant curvature, for medium to small theaters, up to very large outdoor stadiums and public spaces. 

The RCF newly designed 4" compression driver is designed to project a pattern control of 22.5° x 60° thanks to its waveguide horn. The high powered 15" neodymium woofer with its 4" voice coil is designed to create a very controlled and precise bass response for indoor applications such as theaters. A T-pole design generates minimized amounts of flux modulation, while a dual-forced air venting system assists in voice coil ventilation for minimum power compression and higher power handling and longer speaker life. The integration of the 1600 Watt, 2-way digital amplification and the digital processing minimizes distortion, noise and increases thermal efficiency. 

The TT5-A is equipped with an input board which features XLR In/Out, Gain reduction, Time Delay, Speaker presets, an RDNet ready option, a RDNet bypass switch, 4 status LEDs, and a Powercon In/Out. The TT5-A also features 96 Khz, 32 bit DSP processing and a dedicated networking board. Using our proprietary RDNet protocol, it is possible to monitor all the system parameters, from the input to the status of each single amplifier. 

Having a DSP on board of each cabinet, it is possible to address to single cabinets or groups of cabinets, specific presets or modifications of parameters, like gain, equalisation or delay. The RDNet protocol is based on RS-485 communication protocol, and is stable. It is also possible to send and receive data on a simple XLR cable. 

All new TT+ Two-Way Systems feature a multifunctional rear encoder to control all the speaker functions (Gain reduction, Delay, Speaker presets), even without network connection. 

The TTP5-A is a flexible modular system, and as it is modular, is more easily array-able depending on the size of the event and the required coverage. High quality mechanics with a smart locking system make the set up of the system fast and almost effortless.

Theaters Stadiums 
Lecture halls 
Theme parks 
Conference centers 
Houses of worship 
Large railway stations
1600 Watt bi-amplified active speaker
22.5 x 60° precision waveguide
96 Khz, 32 bit DSP processing
Foam-backed grilles hide the drivers from view for pleasing aesthetics
Tour grade cabinet and mechanics
RDNet On Board
Pole mount cap

Thông số Kỹ thuật:

Acoustic Specifications
Frequency Response 45 Hz to 20 kHz
Maximum Sound Pressure Level (SPL) 138 dB
Horizontal Coverage Angle 22.5°
Vertical Coverage Angle 60°
Low Frequency Driver 15.0" neo, 4.0" Voice Coil (38.1 neo, 10.2 cm VC)
High Frequency Driver 2.0" neo, 4.0" Voice Coil (5.1 neo, 10.2 cm VC)Me
Input / Output
Input Signal Balanced / unbalanced
Input Connections XLR, RDNet ready
Input Sensitivity (Selectable) +4 dBu
Output Connectors XLR
Processor Section
Crossover Frequency 550 Hz
Protection Features Thermal, RMS
Limiter Soft limiter, dynamic
Controls Gain reduction, RDNet local setup/bypass, Time Delay, Presets (Linear, Close, Far listening, High-pass), RDNet Ready
Amplifier Specifications
Active or Passive Active
Total Power 1600 Watts
High Frequency Driver 500 Watts
Low Frequency Driver 1100 Watts
Cooling Convection
Connections Powercon in/out
Cabinet Material
Enclosure Material Baltic Birch plywood
Hardware Installation/Rental fittings
Handles 2 per side
Color Black
Physical Specifications
Dimensions (H x W x D) 38.81 x 18.03 x 25.43" (986 x 458 x 646 mm)
Weight 145.5 lb (66.0 kg)