LOUD Professional VH Bass215H

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The VH Bass215H is a powerful unit for low frequencies with all horn loaded design. It is provided with two high power 15in. woofers whose fundamental radiation gets widely amplified by a horn loaded device without compromises. The result is an overwhelming sound impact at Low frequencies. The system is also provided with a kit for cluster suspension made up of several arrays. The cabinet, geometrically identical to the VH MH210H and the VH Infra218R, facilitates the Floor-Stacking configuration. The VH Bass215H, in addition to the VH MH210H with whom it combines perfectly, can be as well matched with all the most challenging subwoofer systems of the VH Subwoofer family: VH Sub218R, VH Infra218R, VH Sub218H/ VH Sub121H.

It can be ideally combined with all those applications that require a great amount of power and speed for the reproduction of low frequencies at maximum levels of sound pressure.

Strong dynamics, low harmonic distortion, linear response and minimized power compression factor are basic features of the VH Bass215H which make it unique in its own category. Significant building criteria, together with the employment of the latest technologies and innovative materials, are able to guarantee great reliability and longevity.

The anti-scratch Polyurea final paint makes the cabinet extremely resistant to atmospheric agents. It can be widely employed in Large Open Spaces, Arenas, Stadiums, Theaters, Conference Halls, Concert Halls and Large Scale Discos.

Thông số Kỹ thuật:

Enclosure Construction

Shell: 18mm 13 Ply birch

Finish: Black or white Polyurea coated paint

Grille: Powder coated Steel


Height front:  840mm(33.07")

Height back: 840mm(33.07")

Width front: 815mm(32.08")

Width back: 395mm(15.55")

Depth: 830mm(32.67")

Net weight:  80kg(176.36lbs)