LOUD Professional VH Layer 215H

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This is a 4-way Line-Array high performance system with all horn loaded design.

Extremely functional and resourceful, it extends low frequency reproduction down to 60Hz thanks to the contribution offered by the Bass-reflex tunnels, placed directly within the low frequency unit loading device.

Two generous 10”Mid-Bass, ranging from 250Hz up to 800Hz, are inserted between the two 15” and the 1” and 2” coaxial drivers combined with a wave guide with 90°H and 10°V dispersions, thus contributing to obtain a complete range of frequencies, as produced by the complete system.

The most massive member of the VH Layer family, after the 112H+EMD/3Way and the 221H, this system excites the audience thanks to a breathtaking and sensational sound pressure level, together with its strong uniformity and linearity in the frequency response.

The powerful and clear sound propagation ensures perfect performances in front of a very large audience. Significant building criteria, together with the employment of the latest technologies and innovative materials, are able to guarantee great reliability and longevity.

The anti-scratch Polyurea final paint makes the loudspeaker extremely resistant to atmospheric agents.

It can be as well matched with all the most challenging subwoofer systems of the VH Subwoofer family: VH Sub118/218R, VH Infra218R, VH Sub218H/ VH Sub121H. It can be widely employed in large open spaces, Arenas, Stadiums, Theaters, Conference Halls, Concert Halls and huge Discos.

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