LOUD Professional VH SM6

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The smallest of the VH Monitor family, the VH SM6 with its low profile and reduced dimensions is provided with a 6.5” Mid-woofer in coaxial configuration and a 1” compression driver.

The generous Mid-woofer can extend its response as low as 90Hz thanks to the contribution of two Bass-reflex tunnels. It has a great capability to generate a considerable sound pressure with the aid of a very light 6.5” front loading device in which the 1” driver is inserted, combined with an elliptical wave guide with a 90° dispersion on both axes, horizontal and vertical.

This system is ideal when combined with the VH Sub112DR whose job is to drastically extend the low frequency response.

Four M8 threaded inserts, placed on two different sides, allow for the suspension and inclination, and that’s why it can be used to provide sound to small spaces in addition to conference halls for which it was primarily designed.

The cabinet, thanks to its 90° angle, appears to be ideal for all those applications that require the suspension of small loudspeaker, either from low ceilings or close to walls.

Its low profile in the floor position allows for this device to be extremely versatile as front-fill in coincidence with platforms or as simple reference monitor for musicians or speakers in conditions where space congestion must be limited as much as possible.

Significant building criteria, together with the employment of the latest technologies and innovative materials, are able to guarantee great reliability and longevity.

The anti-scratch Polyurea final paint makes the diffuser extremely resistant to atmospheric agents. It can be widely employed in Theaters, Conference Halls, Concert Halls, Clubs, Disco-Bars, Restaurants and Work Shops.

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